Media and Public Relations → more

As a public relations specialist, Dida works to generate strong, positive publicity for clients and enhance their reputation. With a broad international media contact base and over eighteen years of experience in planning, developing and executing high profile global public relations campaigns from celebrity mass media events to international press conferences and meetings, Dida maximizes your media and public relations opportunities through insightful strategy, planning and development, followed by effective execution and post-analysis.

Communications, Partnerships and Fundraising Strategy Development & Implementation → more

Dida brings over eighteen years of experience in communications, fundraising and partnership strategy development and implementation. Her strategies mobilize funds, strengthen external relations and raise awareness for different organizations and causes. They have served as the basis for successful resource mobilization and communications efforts for several organizations including the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), the World Health Organization (WHO), UN Women, the Australian Government’s Overseas Aid Programme (AusAID), the Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations (FAO), the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria, CARE International, Operation Smile and the WorldWide Antimalarial Resistance Network (Oxford University).

Training Works and Presentations On :

• Strategic Communications → more

Flexible, relevant and effective, Dida Connor’s communications training workshops and presentations benefit from over ten years of experience in designing and delivering training modules to a wide variety of governmental, non-governmental and commercial audiences. Created with your key deliverables in mind, content is developed to meet specific requirements and adapted from core components including: 

→ Principles and importance of effective communication  
→ Communications and advocacy strategy development  
→ Working with the media  
→ IEC messaging and material development  
→ Presentation skills  
→ Media release drafting; speech writing  
→ Employee / Internal communication  

• Risk Communication → more

Dida brings first-hand experience in risk communication from her work with the United Nations and government ministries to her workshops and presentations on the theory behind risk communication and provides practical training on how to:

→Provide timely, accurate, easily understood information in a way that promotes trust and credibility  
→Communicate risk and uncertainty during times of concern or crisis  
→Communicate effectively in order to increase compliance with control measures  
→Ensure appropriate community reaction through transparent and honest communication  

She also works with your team to research and develop a comprehensive and targeted risk communication strategy from the inception phase through to completion.

Researching, Writing and Editing → more

As a former journalist, United Nations spokesperson and senior press and communications officer, Dida understands the importance of the written word and creating a concise, compelling and consistent message that is fully integrated with your organization’s vision and goals. From researching content for project planning to writing and editing articles, publications, press releases, web content and marketing copy, Dida works within your set deadlines to produce compelling material for print and publication.

Photography → more

The power of an arresting image to support the written word is a powerful way to communicate a message, emotion or story and maximize the impact and reach of your publication or article. Whether it’s using photographic experts to capture original and uniquely relevant images in field or studio, or fast, cost-effective picture research using stock photography, Dida ensures that her visual materials are thematically consistent with a story that inspires and compels.